Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimize & Compress Images


Optimize images, turn on lazy load, resize, compress & improve your Google Page Speed with the incredibly powerful and 100% free WordPress image smusher, brought to you by the superteam at WPMU DEV!

And whether you spell it ‘optimise’ or ‘optimize’, Smush will compress images without a visible drop in quality.

Image optimization is the easiest way to make your site load super fast!

Награђивани оптимизатор слике

Smush has been benchmarked and tested number one for speed and quality. It is also the award-winning, back-to-back proven crowd favorite image optimization & image compression plugin for WordPress.

  • Lossless Compression – Strip unused data and compress images without affecting image quality.
  • Lazy Load – Defer offscreen images with the flip of a switch.
  • Bulk Smush – Optimize & compress up to 50 images with one click.
  • Image Resizing – Set a max width and height and large images will scale down as they are being compressed.
  • Incorrect Size Image Detection – Quickly locate images that are slowing down your site.
  • Directory Smush – Optimize images even if they are not located in the media library.
  • Automated Optimization – Asynchronously auto-smush your attachments for super fast compression on upload.
  • Without Monthly Limits – Optimize all of your images up to 5MB in size, free forever (no daily, monthly, or annual caps).
  • Gutenberg Block Integration – View all Smush stats directly in image blocks.
  • Multisite Compatible – Offers both global and individual Multisite settings.
  • Process All Your Files – Smush will process PNG, JPEG, and GIF files for optimum results.
  • Super Servers – Smush images with no slowdown using WPMU DEV’s fast, reliable Smush API.
  • Convert to WebP (Pro Only) – Upgrade and automatically serve images in Next-Gen WebP format.
  • И још много других!

Learn The Ropes With These Hands-On Smush Tutorials

Compress Image While Preserving Image Quality

Some image compression tools destroy images with as much as a 30% loss in quality. Our servers strip hidden bulky information from your images and reduce file size without affecting the appearance.

Smush meticulously scans every image you upload – or have already added to your site – cuts all the unnecessary data and scales it for you before adding it to your media library. And it can serve images in the WebP format.

Компресујте било коју слику у било којој фасцикли

In addition to smushing your media uploads, you may want to compress the images stored in other folders. Smush now lets you compress any image in any directory so that you can optimize all the images on your site – including NextGEN images, images stored on Amazon S3 using WP Offload Media and images in EVERY WordPress plugin and theme package!

Compatible with Your Favorite Themes, Page Builders and Media Library Plugins

No matter what theme or plugins you use to better manage your WordPress media library, Smush has you covered. Check out just a few of the popular products Smush is working with to help make your site faster and more efficient:

Проналазак слика погрешних димензија

Smush includes a wrong size image finder. Activate and your images will be highlighted with smart tips for scaling your images. Quickly locate the images that are keeping you from getting that perfect 100 on your Google PageSpeed test.

Одлагање учитавања слика које су ван екрана

Smush има уграђено лењо учитавање слика. Уколико ваша страница има гомилу слика које се налазе испод величине екрана, лењо учитавање ће вам драстично убрзати учитавање странице тако што ће учитати само слике које су на тренутном екрану а учитавање других слика одложити док корисник не дође до њих.


“Нисам ни знао да су слике негативно утицале на време учитавања мојих страница. Додатак је смањио време учитавања страница за скоро дупло!” – karlcw


“Ја оптимизујем своје слике у Photoshop-у, али Smush то чини веома лаким – он то ради аутоматски. Док он ради посао ја могу да седим и да се опустим.” – helen432


“Smush ми је помогао да смањим укупну величину датотека мог сајта и повећао брзину учитавања страница. Браво момци!” – pdci


“It’s very discrete and does not bother me with an API key or other additional installation steps. The main dashboard of the plugin gives me nice insight. Overall it really fits my needs and I’ll be willing to upgrade to pro if my needs change. I’d recommend it to clients/friends without hesitation. Keep it up!” – tarkan_

Шта са мултисајтом?

Smush се може користити за оптимизацију слика ваше целе мреже сајтова! Користите глобална подешавања или подесите сваки сајт појединачно.

Smush је веома лак за коришћење и долази без конфузних подешавања. Смашујте појединачне слике ваше библиотеке или до 50 слика у исто време. Плус, подесите аутоматско смашовање како би невероватно брзо асинхроно оптимизовали неке или све ваше слике приликом отпремања.

The faster your site loads, the more Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines will like it. Your site will load faster and rank higher.

Остали додаци

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Smush ће се побринути за све ваше потребе компресије слика, бесплатно!

However, if you’d like Super Smush lossy compression, fast CDN image delivery, WebP conversion, automatic resizing, the ability to optimize (or optimise) images up to 32MB, bulk smush optimization for all your images in just one-click, auto-convert PNG to JPEG, the ability to Smush and make a copy of your full-sized images (to restore them at any point), you can always take the next step with WP Smush Pro. And get even more with her whole team of WordPress optimization hero friends (security, SEO, performance, support, and maintenance automation) – trusted by thousands of agencies and freelancers offering site maintenance services.


Smush не делује на кориснике вашег сајта. Једини улаз је за билтен који је доступан само администраторима сајта.

Smush uses a third-party email service (Mailchimp) to send informational emails (Opt-in) to the site administrator. The administrator’s email address is sent to Mailchimp and a cookie is set by the service. Only administrator information is collected by Mailchimp.

Smush шаље слике на WPMU DEV сервере ради оптимизације за веб употребу. Ово укључује и EXIF податке. EXIF подаци ће или бити уклоњени или враћени такви какви јесу и неће бити сачувани на WPMU DEV серверима.

О нама

WPMU DEV is a premium supplier of quality WordPress plugins, services and support. Learn more here:

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Још једна ствар – надамо се да ћете уживати у нашој понуди макар онолико колико смо ми уживали правећи је за вас!

Контакт и заслуге

Оригинално написано од Alex Dunae из Dialect (, e-пошта ‘alex’ из’dialect dot ca’), 2008-11.

Снимци екрана

  • Simple to get started with the Smush setup wizard.
  • Пратите док се слике ваше библиотеке оптимизију - до 50 слика у исто време.
  • Set automatic smush to resize and optimize every image as it is uploaded.
  • Smush will find and optimize images for you.


I just finished running Smush and Google PageSpeed still says my images need compressing and resizing. How do I fix it?

This means your images were not properly scaled for where they are being displayed. Scaling images before uploading them can be time-consuming but can save space and speedup load time. First, determine what size your image needs to be. You can use the built-in images size detector included in the free version of Smush to find what height and width your image should be. Once you know how large the image should be, scale your images to the right size.

PageSpeed Insights is telling me to defer offscreen images. Can Smush fix that?

Lazy Load will defer your offscreen images from loading until they are needed. From the Smush Dashboard, select Lazy Load and click Activate. Smush Lazy Load works out of the box or can be customized based on your needs.

Tip: If you’re having any issues or want to save a ton of time, the Smush Pro CDN includes auto-resizing.

Да ли Smush избрише или замени моје оригиналне слике пуне величине?

Nope. WordPress crops and resizes every image you upload for embedding on your site. By default, Smush only compresses these cropped and resized images, not your original full-size images. To compress your original full-sized images, use Smush Pro.

Које типове датотека би требало да користим за своје слике (GIF, PNG, JPG)?

GIF датотеке су велике и не могу бити пуно оптимизоване. GIF користите само уколико је слика анимирана.

PNG је најбољи за графику генерисану од рачунара (вектори, лого, фонтови итд.), слике са мало боја или слике са провидношћу.

JPG би требало користити уколико сте фотограф или имате слике са пуно варијација у бојама.

Tip: The Smush Pro CDN includes WebP compression – sharper images that are 25 to 30 percent smaller than JPEG and PNG files.

I’m a photographer. Can I keep all my EXIF data?

Yes! EXIF data stores camera settings, focal length, date, time, and location information in image files. EXIF data makes image files larger but if you are a photographer, you may want to preserve this information. We have included the option to preserve EXIF image data in Smush.

I just ran Bulk Smush and some of my images didn’t get compressed. Why would this happen?

First, check to see if you’re receiving any server errors. If your images seem to be processing correctly, check the file size of the images being skipped. Images over 5mb will be skipped. To compress images up to 32mb, get Smush Pro.

Укључио/ла сам Smush и не видим никакве разлике у квалитету слике. Како да знам да ли Smush ради?

Одлично питање! Веома је важно разумети да је Smush алат за оптимизацију слике и да користи компресију вез губитака како би сачувао више простора за складиштење и убрзао ваш сајт. Smush цеди податаке из ваших слика како би сачувао више простора за складиштење, променио димензије превеликих слика и побољшао брзину без мењања квалитета слике.

Можете пратити промену величине датотека у вашој библиотеци, појединачне уштеде на сликама, ушетеде над фасциклама и укупну уштеду. Уколико желите да видите додатну магију урадите тест бризине пре и после смашовања са WP Checkup-ом или Google PageSpeed Insights. Сваки милисекунд убрзања је важан када је у питању брзина страница!

Зар не могу да користим Photoshop или било коју другу апликацију за уређивање/оптимизацију слика?

Optimizing all the image sizes generated by WordPress, images being imported from plugins and themes, and images from other web sites is a painful and time-consuming process.

Smush automatically handles optimizing all your images no matter where they come from and can be used as a standalone tool or alongside Photoshop.

My Google PageSpeed test is telling me to serve images in Next-Gen formats. Can Smush do that?

WebP and other Next-Gen formats are not supported on all browsers and require fallback images. For that reason, WebP conversion is only available in Smush Pro. Smush Pro converts images to WebP for a 25-30% savings over JPEG and PNG and serves fallback images on unsupported browsers.

Да ли је оптимизовати или компресовати?

It depends what side of the pond you live on…but whether you say optimize, optimise, optimizer, or Smush goddess of speed, this plugin will make sure your images are loading lightning fast.


20. априла 2021.
Very simple process, makes websites load time pretty fast and a must use on any WordPress website.
19. априла 2021.
despite assurances on the main page as soon as you install your informed you need to upgrade if you have a big site lots of pictures you should probably go elsewhere as they limit you to 50 pics unless you upgrade. I do not begrudge a person making money off their invention and time but be up front with people sneaking and trickery is not the best way to start a business arrangement. especially if you are trusting that business with your business
18. априла 2021.
This has been invaluable to my site. Every image is of excellent quality, yet the size is really small. The site is loading faster, Would highly recommend it to others without hesitation!
18. априла 2021.
Thank you this amazing plugin. It made a huge difference!
18. априла 2021.
Si me ha mejorado mucho el acceso a la página y eso hace que los felicite. Esta genial...
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Белешка о изменама

3.8.4 ( 2021-03-18 )

  • Enhance: Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
  • Enhance: Lazy load compatibility with Slider Revolution
  • Enhance: Apache rules for local WebP on multisite
  • Enhance: Apache rules for local WebP on subdirectory installs
  • Enhance: Local Webp description texts
  • Fix: Backups not properly removing from S3 containers
  • Fix: Compatibility with Jetpack Site Accelerator
  • Fix: Compatibility with WordPress native lazy loading
  • Fix: UI inconsistencies in local WebP module
  • Fix: Browser console errors on upgrade page
  • Fix: Menu not working on mobile views
  • Fix: PHP warnings with images offloaded to S3 buckets
  • Fix: Image preview on WPML Media Translation screen
  • Fix: Directory Smush empty folder detection
  • Fix: Image resize detection UI
  • Fix: PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool
  • Fix: Translation strings

3.8.3 ( 2021-02-10 )

  • Enhance: Allow local WebP on WPMU DEV staging sites
  • Enhance: Display the WebP test request code and message in the status on failure
  • Enhance: Remove unused setting and methods for converting transparent PNGs to JPEG
  • Enhance: Validate the paths submitted by the user for Directory smush
  • Enhance: Compatibility with WP Offload Media
  • Fix: Bulk Smush getting stuck after 100 images on free version
  • Fix: Loading of Wistia assets on free version
  • Fix: Data usage option not being saved on the free version during the onboarding wizard
  • Fix: Do not adjust sizes attribute when automatic resizing on CDN is disabled
  • Fix: WebP rules path is wrong in Flywheel sites
  • Fix: Extra horizontal line after the last row of the WebP metabox
  • Fix: Choose Directory modal not opening when in tabs other than „Directory Smush“
  • Fix: Cached list of attachments with backups getting out of sync with backups
  • Fix: Empty images in media library after PNG to JPG conversion on servers without „fileinfo“ extension

3.8.2 ( 2020-12-09 )

  • Enhance: Compatibility with PHP 8.0
  • Enhance: Compatibility with WP 5.6
  • Enhance: Compatibility with Hub
  • Fix: API validation on new installs

3.8.1 ( 2020-12-03 )

  • Fix: Error when querying stats from Hub

3.8.0 ( 2020-12-03 )

  • New: Local WebP support
  • Enhance: Plugin performance
  • Enhance: Lazy load module will properly distinguish between single/double quotes
  • Enhance: srcset generation speed
  • Fix: Image resize detection flagging images that have been auto resized by CDN
  • Fix: Lazy Load conflicting with Maintenance plugin
  • Fix: PHP warning when saving lazy load settings
  • Fix: Copy URL functionality in media library
  • Fix: Whitelabel branding
  • Fix: Tools link in network admin Settings page
  • Fix: Upsell notice breaking after re-checking images
  • Fix: smush_check_for_conflicts cron running on every page load
  • Fix: Compatibility with SupportCandy plugin
  • Fix: Minor UI issues in Tutorials module
  • Fix: Minor UI issues in NextGen Smush page
  • Fix: CDN image paths on sub-directory installs

3.7.3 ( 2020-11-23 )

  • Enhance: Minor UI/UX details

3.7.2 ( 2020-11-10 )

  • Enhance: Plugin UI/UX
  • Enhance: Compatibility with NextGen
  • Fix: CDN parsing of background images
  • Fix: Image counter when re-checking images
  • Fix: Bulk Smush counter going over total number of images
  • Fix: Bulk Smush counter on network admin

Changelog for previous versions.