This plugin has been closed as of 1. мај 2021. and is not available for download. Ово затварање је трајно. Разлог: Захтев аутора.


11. јануар 2020.
Great plugin, we are using it in all our blogs since long ago and can just recommend it! It does the job and it´s very professional. Plus, great support! BUT, we are confussed as it hasn´t being updated for more than 3 years, so means tghat probably isn´t maintained any more 🙁 If developer wants to say anythin please do so, as we are starting to look for an updated plugin 🙁 Thanks!
26. децембар 2016.
La traducción es muy mala, cuando tenga tiempo voy a ayudar con esto, pero decir que he estado buscando por horas un plugin que me permita hacer esto… Me ha salvado. 5 entrellas!
29. октобар 2016. 1 одговор
Excelent work! Excelent plugin! Please add align function!
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