Classic Widgets


Classic Widgets is an official plugin maintained by the WordPress team that restores the previous („classic“) WordPress widgets settings screens. It will be supported and maintained to 2024, or as long as is necessary.

Once activated and when using a classic (non-block) theme, this plugin restores the previous widgets settings screens and disables the block editor from managing widgets. There is no other configuration, the classic widgets settings screens are enabled or disabled by either enabling or disabling this plugin.


Are there any settings?

No, there are no settings. Once activated, this plugin restores the previous („classic“) WordPress widgets screen and disables the block editor from managing widgets.

Does this work with full site editing and block themes?

No, as block themes rely on blocks. See Block themes article for more information.


10. јул 2024.
Classic Widgets gives me a lot more control over the look of the widgets. I design/develop the widgets to look as they need too. Clients don’t need confusing options. I like the simplicity of this UI, and it’s flexibility. I wish this was installed by default. It is part of what made WordPress a so popular.
2. јул 2024. 1 одговор
I’ve installed lattest version of wordpress(6.5.5). i didn’t find „widgets“ tab in Appearance and install „Classic Widgets“ to solve the issue. But nothing happened. There is only one plugin on the site -> „Classic Widgets“. Others themes don’t have „widget“ tabs as well. Absolutely useless.
18. јануар 2024.
Amazing plugin I would say. Keep it up!
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