Класични уређивач


Класични уређивач је званични додатак који одржава Вордпресова екипа и који враћа претходни („класични“) Вордпресов уређивач и екран „Уреди чланак“. Омогућава коришћење додатака који проширују тај екран, додају старомодне кутијице или на други начин зависе од претходног уређивача.

Classic Editor is an official WordPress plugin, and will be fully supported and maintained until 2024, or as long as is necessary.

Укратко, овај додатак додаје следеће:

  • Управници могу да одаберу подразумевани уређивач за све кориснике.
  • Управници могу да дозволе корисницима да промене свој подразумевани уређивач.
  • Када је омогућено, корисници могу да одаберу који уређивач да користе за сваки чланак.
  • Сваки чланак се отвара у последњем коришћеном уређивачу без обзира ко га је уређивао. Ово је важно због одржавања доследног доживљаја приликом уређивања садржаја.

Додатно, додатак Класични уређивач укључује неколико филтера који омогућују другим додацима да контролишу подешавања и избор уређивача по чланку и по врсти чланка.

By default, this plugin hides all functionality available in the new block editor („Gutenberg“).

Снимци екрана

  • Управничка подешавања на екрану Подешавања > Писање.
  • Корисничка подешавања на екрану Профил. Видљиво када је корисницма дозвољено да промене уређиваче.
  • Везе радље за избор алтернативног уређивача. Видљиво када је корисницима дозвољено да промене уређиваче.
  • Link to switch to the block editor while editing a post in the classic editor. Visible when the users are allowed to switch editors.
  • Link to switch to the classic editor while editing a post in the block editor. Visible when the users are allowed to switch editors.
  • Network settings to select the default editor for the network and allow site admins to change it.
  • The "Switch to classic editor" link.


Default settings

When activated and when using a classic (non-block) theme, this plugin will restore the previous („classic“) WordPress editor and hide the new block editor („Gutenberg“).
These settings can be changed at the Settings => Writing screen.

Default settings for network installation

There are two options:

  • When network-activated and when using a classic (non-block) theme, this plugin will set the classic editor as default and prevent site administrators and users from changing editors.
    The settings can be changed and default network-wide editor can be selected on the Network Settings screen.
  • When not network-activated each site administrator will be able to activate the plugin and choose options for their users.

It is in the main block editor menu, see this screenshot.

Does this work with full site editing and block themes?

No, as block themes rely on blocks. See Block themes article for more information.


9. септембра 2023.
If you're a fan of the classic editor this plugin is for you. Works as expected!
28. августа 2023. 1 одговор
Great plug-in By WordPress Contributors. I tried many plug-ins and almost gave up this plug-in excellent. The support is fast and fantastic!
22. августа 2023. 1 одговор
Going to be brutally honest here: the Gutenberg Editor is... not the greatest thing in the world.I'm not sure why WordPress made the Gutenberg editor the default; there was nothing wrong with the Classic Editor and I think WordPress should be shipped with both available options.I have not used the Gutenberg editor and I'll continue refusing to use it. I think WordPress, out of the box, should ship with both editors with users being able to choose which editor they would like to work with.I commend the developers for their hard work at wanting to make Gutenberg work, but for old school WordPress developers like me, I like using my own custom solutions in the projects I build; I developed my own custom fields layout builder with Advanced Custom Fields. It is just a better interface, look and feel, and flow.I hope this becomes a permanent plugin, let someone else maintain it in perpetuity, or a future version of WordPress ships with the option for users/developers to operate with Gutenberg or Classic Editor.The vast majority of WordPress users & developers did not ask for Gutenberg to be standard, and it is a wee bit insulting to those that use the platform that Gutenberg is the only option WordPress ships with currently.Nevertheless, long live the Classic Editor. It's just better.
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„Класични уређивач“ је софтвер отвореног кода. Следећи људи су допринели овом додатку.


„Класични уређивач“ је преведен на 69 језика. Хвала преводиоцима за њихове доприносе.

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Белешка о изменама


  • Added some WPCS fixes, props NicktheGeek on GitHub.
  • Updated „Tested up to“ in the readme and removed it from classic-editor.php. This should fix false positive errors in security plugins in the future.


  • Fixed bug that was preventing saving of the last used editor.


  • Fixed a warning on the block editor based widgets screen.
  • Fixed use of a deprecated filter.


  • Updated for WordPress 5.5.
  • Fixed minor issues with calling deprecated functions, needlessly registering uninstall hook, and capitalization of some strings.


  • Updated for WordPress 5.2 and Gutenberg 5.3.
  • Enhanced and fixed the „open posts in the last editor used to edit them“ logic.
  • Fixed adding post state so it can easily be accessed from other plugins.


  • On network installations removed the restriction for only network activation.
  • Added support for network administrators to choose the default network-wide editor.
  • Fixed the settings link in the warning on network About screen.
  • Properly added the „Switch to classic editor“ menu item to the block editor menu.


  • Fixed removal of the „Try Gutenberg“ dashboard widget.
  • Fixed condition for displaying of the after upgrade notice on the „What’s New“ screen. Shown when the classic editor is selected and users cannot switch editors.


  • Fixed switching editors from the Add New (post) screen before a draft post is saved.
  • Fixed typo that was appending the edit URL to the classic-editor query var.
  • Changed detecting of WordPress 5.0 to not use version check. Fixes a bug when testing 5.1-alpha.
  • Changed the default value of the option to allow users to switch editors to false.
  • Added disabling of the Gutenberg plugin and lowered the required WordPress version to 4.9.
  • Added classic_editor_network_default_settings filter.


Fixed a bug where it may attempt to load the block editor for post types that do not support editor when users are allowed to switch editors.


  • Updated for WordPress 5.0.
  • Changed all „Gutenberg“ names/references to „block editor“.
  • Refreshed the settings UI.
  • Removed disabling of the Gutenberg plugin. This was added for testing in WordPress 4.9. Users who want to continue following the development of Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0 and beyond will not need another plugin to disable it.
  • Added support for per-user settings of default editor.
  • Added support for admins to set the default editor for the site.
  • Added support for admins to allow users to change their default editor.
  • Added support for network admins to prevent site admins from changing the default settings.
  • Added support to store the last editor used for each post and open it next time. Enabled when users can choose default editor.
  • Added „post editor state“ in the listing of posts on the Posts screen. Shows the editor that will be opened for the post. Enabled when users can choose default editor.
  • Added classic_editor_enabled_editors_for_post and classic_editor_enabled_editors_for_post_type filters. Can be used by other plugins to control or override the editor used for a particular post of post type.
  • Added classic_editor_plugin_settings filter. Can be used by other plugins to override the settings and disable the settings UI.


  • Updated for Gutenberg 4.1 and WordPress 5.0-beta1.
  • Removed some functionality that now exists in Gutenberg.
  • Fixed redirecting back to the classic editor after looking at post revisions.


  • Fixed removing of the „Try Gutenberg“ call-out when the Gutenberg plugin is not activated.
  • Fixed to always show the settings and the settings link in the plugins list table.
  • Updated the readme text.


  • Updated the option from a checkbox to couple of radio buttons, seems clearer. Thanks to @designsimply for the label text suggestions.
  • Some general updates and cleanup.


  • Update for Gutenberg 1.9.
  • Remove warning and automatic deactivation when Gutenberg is not active.


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