PTE Requests

Following the path of some other locales (like French or Italian), here are the rules for translators that want to become Project Translator Editors (PTE).

  • Read Rules and Guidelines for translating to Serbian.
  • Translate as a Contributor.
  • Notify editors about your work so they could review it.
  • A PTE or a GTE (General Translator Editor) will review your translations and give you feedback.
  • If the quality of the translation is up to the standards we all try to follow, you will be granted PTE authority.

Why We Follow These Rules?

  • We strive at perfection: we aim at having the best possible localization for all products in the WP ecosystem. And that requires that all translations be done in the best possible way.
  • It streamlines and optimizes the process, reducing the amount of unproper translations and, by default, the time spent on rejecting and revising translations, thus allowing more time to be devoted to the actual localizing.

We do feel you can understand that these rules are meant to give the entire WP community a better UX, a stronger platform, and a healthier ecosystem to work on.