This plugin has been closed as of 7. фебруар 2018. and is not available for download. Разлог: Кршење препорука.


24. децембар 2018.
This was one of the best plugins to backup your wordpress installations to dropbox without any restrictions. It was great while it worked. After dropbox changed their api, the plugin stopped working. Hopefully someone will resurrect this plugin for the new dropbox plugin.
9. децембар 2017.
Dropbox has changed their API service, reading the support topics conclusion is that this plugin is not going to update to the API 2. So it has become worthless. Pity, it used to be great!
13. новембар 2017.
Does not work with my, up to date WP installation. Shame. Same error others are getting.
24. мај 2017.
If you have a website that’s 40GB, and you have to move it from a hard disk that’s 50GB, this plugin will do it- in a smart and slow way(no timeouts, just chilling) 😀
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