This plugin has been closed as of 27. новембар 2019. and is not available for download. Ово затварање је трајно. Разлог: Захтев аутора.


3. септембар 2017.
Been having problem with text modules in the Builder since WordPress has been upgraded to 4.8.1 I see you have indicated that the version has been validated for 4.8.1 -> i dont think that's the case or your testing is not very thorough. any chance we could get support? thanks
3. септембар 2017.
I've tried all page builder plugins available, but none of them could cope with the themify builder. It not only provides the most options and possibilities of them all, but it does even in the free version. Actually there's not much you cannot do with the free version. Tried it with a lot of different themes and it worked well with all of them, I'm using it for about six month now and the only other plugin that caused a conflict was a facebook plugin, but that issue was quickly resolved after a plugin update. In the beginning it caused some minor errors, but they were all resolved after the last updates - now it works perfectly! I'm using it with the Weaver Xtreme theme, both free versions - together they provide the most powerful webdesign possibilities ever! Thank you so much for this great and free plugin!
26. јул 2017.
Was working very nicely, however after WP update to version 4.8, none of the text modules could be edited, rendering it useless to me. No support received to help resolve it. Have since ditched it and am rebuilding my site with ELEMENTOR pager builder, which is Open Source so much more reliable and stable, plus it offers a number of professional layouts.
27. јануар 2017.
This is an incredible plugin and I am surprised there are so few reviews. I use it to position images, videos - anything actually - anywhere I want it on my page. Sooo easy. And the people at Themify are extremely helpful too. If you want to see an example I made this site and used Themify to build the front page. It would have been impossible without builder:
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