This plugin has been closed as of 7. децембра 2023. and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.


19. јуна 2023.
Does not protectDoes not detect.Paid service, does nothing, and does not fix.Absolute waste of time and money.Look elsewhere
4. маја 2023.
This is simply my experience. Their backups are not compatible with Bluehost -trust me we tried for weeks. They deleted all my backups which they stated they could not recover which is a shining example of negligence. In support tickets they tried to sell stuff one either doesn't need or is already included. I've found average response times to be about 20 Hours to reply to my requests apart from the auto-respond email. That's ok but I need better especially when it comes to security.
6. марта 2023.
i am here to warn you not join sucuri .its all an advertisments of them but in the real world my site got blocked fro, all anti viruses and tons of ssl problems on there system.there support very pooor they only answer when you want to buy somthing but when you have a real problem with there product that its not working and caousing tons of problems they tellign you open a i did open a ticket and for few monthes still 0 HELP and 0 solver problems ON SSL that they provide.Be aware.
17. јануара 2023.
The free version does not do what is advertised. Didn't protect my site from malware and multiple sites (using this plugin) have been hacked. There's much better alternatives to use.
28. децембра 2022.
This is a great plugin for securing and monitoring your WordPress website. I have the free version installed on around 20 sites and the Pro Firewall through custom Name Servers on a handful of other sites (Pro costs around $199/year per site at the time of this review). I most often use the default version of the plugin for monitoring and logging with my own custom .htaccess rules and .htaccess firewall for hardening. NOTE: Be careful when setting up functionality and hardening your settings through the plugin. Most of the 1* reviews are from people breaking their sites and getting themselves locked out by not understanding what the plugin settings do/affect and how to properly use the plugin's settings. When in doubt, don't enable every single security setting and just use the bare minimum until you back test your own site.
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