Google Fonts for WordPress


The Google Fonts library currently contains 877 unique fonts. This plugin allows you to easily use any of them on your WordPress website.

You’re not stuck with one font for the entire website, you can easily choose one font for headings and another for your content.

It’s hard to know which font will look good on your website, that’s why we’ve included a live preview feature. That means you can test each font and see a live preview of how it will look with your content instantly.

Once you’ve found a combination you love, you can press save and make the changes publicly visible.

The full Google Fonts library can be found here – Google Fonts

Plugin Features

  • Live Customizer Preview: Choose and preview fonts in real time using the WordPress Customizer.
  • Over 870+ Google Fonts to choose from.
  • Works with any WordPress Theme. No coding required.
  • Easy One-Click Updates.
  • Translation Ready.
  • SSL and HTTPS compatible.
  • Efficient Font Loading using a single request.
  • SEO-Friendly (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Tested with PHP7

The Google Fonts for WordPress plugin will work with all WordPress themes and has been specifically tested with the following:

  • All OlympusThemes
  • All StudioPress and Genesis Themes
  • TwentyFifteen
  • TwentySixteen
  • TwentySeventeen


If you find an issue with Google Fonts for WordPress, let us know here!

Google Fonts Gutenberg Block

Add some flair to your content with our new Gutenberg block.

  • All 870+ fonts available in the editor
  • Font size, variant and line-height settings
  • Text-align: left, right or center.


Anyone is welcome to contribute to the ‘Google Fonts for WordPress’ plugin.

There are various ways you can contribute:

  1. Raise an Issue on GitHub
  2. Send us a Pull Request with your bug fixes and/or new features
  3. Translate the Google Fonts for WordPress plugin into different languages
  4. Provide feedback and suggestions on enhancements

Снимци екрана

  • Instant Live Preview - Google Fonts for WordPress
  • Customizer Settings Search - Google Fonts for WordPress
  • Customizer Settings Font Weight and Style - Google Fonts for WordPress


Upload ‘Google Fonts for WordPress’, activate it, and you’re done!

Navigate to wp-admin -> Appearance -> Customize and you will see a new tab named ‘Google Fonts’


Will my theme work with Google Fonts for WordPress?

We are 99.99% certain it will, if it doesn’t then please create a support ticket.


Very helpful

I used this plugin to change fonts in a Genesis Sample Theme, because I am not a coder but I make websites and I didn't know how to customize inside the theme itself. And it worked very well. It was a good and sample way to do that.

does the job

This plugin does the job when you're looking to use a Google Font. Thanks for developing it.

Excellent – love the live preview ability!

Easy to use with clean UI. The live preview makes it so simple to evaluate changes with a client either in person or using a screen share tool. Saves me valuable time! The free version is all I need for most clients,,, and the premium version has some great features for even more fine-tuning!

Is good

Upon using this plugin, I have made the discovery that it is, in fact, good.
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Белешка о изменама


  • Improve theme compatibility
  • Update .pot


  • Fix conflict with Kirki


  • Improve theme compatibility
  • Optimize block code
  • Update translation files


  • Fix subset issue in 1.4.4


  • Update fonts


  • Add Gutenberg block


  • Improve feedback mechanism


  • Fix previewer not showing fonts
  • Add new fonts


  • Substantial performance improvements
  • Improved organization of settings


  • Add welcome notice.


  • Update font list.
  • Add version strings to resources.
  • Add deactivation survey.


  • Add ‘Force Styles’ setting to the bottom of ‘Advanced Settings’.


  • Improve theme compatibility.


  • Improve customizer CSS.
  • Improve Javascript code.


  • Improve CSS for post/page headings and content.


  • Minor updates


  • Remove unused code


  • Add new fonts
  • Add font-weight option
  • Add font-style option
  • Improve live preview
  • Add settings link to plugins page
  • Add searchable text field to font-family setting
  • Remove ‘force styles’ setting


  • Add feedback request


  • Add new fonts


  • Improve outputting of Google stylesheet


  • Fix navigation font setting


  • Fix compatibility issue with PHP 5.2


  • Add advanced settings


  • Minor code improvements


  • Add force styles option


  • Rewrite readme


  • Rename to adhere to guidelines


  • Refactor get_choices in class-google-url.php


  • Fix bug in class-google-url.php
  • Add missing translation
  • Add .pot file for translators


  • Initial release of Google Fonts for WordPress