FAQ Accordion Block


This block is intended to work with any WordPress theme that supports the new Block Editor (Gutenberg). You can use it to group your page content into sections (nested blocks support), and highlight the most important parts of your website.


  • ready to use out of the box, no configuration needed,
  • use it for FAQs, Questions & Answers or Testimonials,
  • create unlimited number of FAQs / Accordions and customize each of it separately,
  • customize block border (width, style, radius, color),
  • customize block padding,
  • customize block box shadow,
  • customize default styles settings using hooks programmatically (for theme authors),
  • choose whether answer should be visible by default or hidden,

Снимци екрана

  • Content can take multiple paragraphs and title tag can be customized
  • Block can be open or closed initially, you decide
  • Add as many blocks as you need, and configure each of it separately


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly or upload the plugin files to the „/wp-content/plugins/faq-accordion-block“ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the „Plugins“ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to Block Editor and type /faq-accordion to use this block.


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Белешка о изменама


  • PHP compatibility improvements


  • compatibility with WP 5.4 confirmed
  • custom block collection registered


  • keyboard navigation improved


  • block editor styles improved


  • Blocks Summary page updated


  • fixed SSL issue


  • fixed window load event


  • JavaScript code fully rebuilt on React, no more jQuery
  • Blocks Summary page style & script added
  • license changed from GPL2+ to GPLv3
  • block code improved


  • initial release