This plugin has been closed as of 6. септембра 2019. and is not available for download. Разлог: Кршење лиценцирања/заштитног знака.


17. маја 2018.
This plugin works only if you want to spend time updating the code to the current wordpress version. I give it two stars only because its a nice simple plugin but for a normal user who doesn't know how to code it isn't for them. I think it works nice after the changes I made.
29. новембра 2017.
Works like a charm! No problem at all until this moment... Thank you for the great work!
8. фебруара 2017.
This is a very easy to use widget and is very easy to understand. I liked this very much. I have used it in my website. Have a look over it http://mypixworld.net
7. фебруара 2017.
there's 2 option within the color scheme, dark and light and there's no differences between them. since i am using dark theme, and when i use both of dark and light scheme, they'll make no difference, how do i resolve this ?
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