This plugin has been closed as of 7. март 2024. and is not available for download. Разлог: Безбедносни проблем.


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2. април 2023.
The „free“ version does nothing except try to entice you to pay for the „pro“ version. A real time-waster. Avoid it like the dark plague.
17. јануар 2023. 1 одговор
I have tried several dark mode extensions in the past, but Droit Dark Mode is by far the best. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Switching between light and dark mode is a breeze.
27. децембар 2022. 1 одговор
Droit Dark Mode is the ideal WordPress plugin for providing a superior viewing experience with its dark mode.
13. април 2022.
…errors and explosion every where… stir clear. Then having a „paid“ option doesn’t make things anymore legit for me. I pay you so this can continue then fight you for awhile to get the money back right? Usually how it rolls.
23. март 2022.
Great plugin, I’m replacing another Dark mode plugin with this and seems a good one! Thanks. I hope will be stay updated withour removing any good actual function. Update: when you have blu text the dark mode is not working well.
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