This plugin has been closed as of 2. августа 2018. and is not available for download. Разлог: Guideline Violation.


19. фебруара 2018.
Hi This is a very good slider Thank You ❤️❤️❤️
17. новембра 2017.
We purchased the Pro version, and it won't activate. We sent the developer 2 emails, and there wasn't a response. There isn't any 30 day free support nor a guarantee. Looks like we're out the money that we paid for a useless plugin.
10. новембра 2017.
I think this plugin has been abandoned, the developer is not responding to support threads.
13. октобра 2017.
Check the support forum - no responses for more than 3 months. If you run into problems, you're on your own.
21. јула 2017.
The free version I give 4 stars. The paid version I give no stars. I bought the pro version and it has fewer features rather than more features and it has giant graphic images of gears throughout it. I have contacted the author and am awaiting a reply. Meanwhile I am behind on my project. Wish I had chosen a better product for purchase.
8. јула 2017.
This Plugin is one of my primary tools for slideshows. it's just so manageable. not always the easiest for beginners, but not hard to learn.
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