This plugin has been closed as of 22. март 2024. and is not available for download. Разлог: Безбедносни проблем.


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  • Crelly Slider


31. октобар 2022.
I installed it in WP 6.0.3 and it doesn’t work, it can’t be seen, although I see that it is in the code.
15. август 2020.
I can say better than many premium plugins. We couldn’t fix a conflict issue with the theme I am using (Astra Pro) but I still keep using it and can recommend it.
21. мај 2020. 1 одговор
I used it for one of my customer website which result in giving premium quality lightweight layer slider. I request to keep it free or opensource. I have not faced any issue. Simple interface.
20. фебруар 2020. 1 одговор
Outstanding free slider. Many thanks and please continue to maintain.
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