This plugin has been closed as of 23. јануара 2020. and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.


27. јула 2019.
There is a bug when the contact enters an address with for example rather than
26. марта 2019.
The best contact form plugin I've used because of the option to disable the CSS, so I can roll my own. Every other contact form I tried was either a monster of code with features I won't ever need to slow down my site, or far too primitive without the control I need. It had been a nightmare to find one that struck that sweet spot of having the options I need without any of the bloat... Until this one. To the developer, thank you!!! To everyone else, if you need a genuinely simple contact form that you want to style yourself with full control -- you've found it.
21. јануара 2019.
Jeez, this plugin stopped working and I never even knew it! I'm using the latest version plugin (4.7.0) on the latest version WP (5.0.3). I feel it's up to the developer to make sure a plugin always work with the latest version of WP! I wonder how many people are sitting there not receiving email and not knowing this app is not working...
21. јануара 2019.
I use the contact form for many years on more than 10 differt websites - all with other themes. Never had any problems! And it is what it promisses: clean and simple. Clean look on all sites, simple to customize. Thanks a lot!
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