This plugin has been closed as of 8. априла 2022. and is not available for download. Разлог: Security Issue.


16. априла 2021.
Wish they would update the plugin. It used to be a great tool until I had compatibility issues as WP updated. So sad since it was so easy to use too
17. априла 2019.
Didn't work for me. I uploaded 80 birthdays mannually but, after all this work, and all the tests I made, it only shows frustrating 'No records for these days' 🙁
24. марта 2018.
Works just as I want it and its a guide for when actors are born, BUT there are SEVERAL wrong dates for instans: James Caan is born 1940, NOT 1939 Jamie Kennedy is born 25 MAY, NOT 25 MARCH Since Im building a personal database for some actors I doublecheck this dates but the app helps me a lot.. So therefor its 2/5 and not 1/5
13. новембра 2017.
The plugin works great. Would it might be possible to add a option for birthdays at weekend? That you can get an alert 2 days before if the birthday of the person is at sunday for example? Thank you for the plugin, Best, Manuel
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