We’ve been working on a new book about the history of WordPress drawing on dozens of interviews with the original folks involved and extensive research. It’s not ready yet, but for the tenth anniversary of WordPress we’d like to make a chapter available, On forking WordPress, forks in general, early WordPress, and the community, which you can download below in the following formats:

Џезери и датуми објављивања

WordPress core developers share a love of jazz music, and all our major releases are named in honor of jazz musicians we personally admire. Here’s a list of releases and the musicians they were named for. You can listen to a Last.fm station of all the musicians we named a release for.

Издање Музичар Датум
.70 Ниједан музичар није одабран.
1.0 Miles Davis
1.2 Charles Mingus
1.5 Billy Strayhorn
2.0 Duke Ellington
2.1 Ella Fitzgerald
2.2 Stan Getz
2.3 Dexter Gordon
2.5 Michael Brecker
2.6 McCoy Tyner
2.7 John Coltrane
2.8 Chet Baker
2.9 Carmen McRae
3.0 Thelonious Monk
3.1 Django Reinhardt
3.2 George Gershwin
3.3 Sonny Stitt
3.4 Grant Green
3.5 Elvin Jones
3.6 Oscar Peterson
3.7 Count Basie
3.8 Charlie Parker
3.9 Jimmy Smith
4.0 Benny Goodman
4.1 Dinah Washington
4.2 Bud Powell
4.3 Billie Holiday
4.4 Clifford Brown
4.5 Coleman Hawkins
4.6 Pepper Adams
4.7 Sarah Vaughan
4.8 Bill Evans
4.9 Billy Tipton
5.0 Bebo Valdés